Does Your Garage Need To Be Organized? Follow These 4 Tips

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Does Your Garage Need To Be Organized? Follow These 4 Tips

14 June 2021
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Do you have a garage that is getting a bit out of control when it comes to a lack of organization? You'll need to come up with a plan for organizing your garage so that you can make the most out of the space. Here are some tips for getting it done.

Empty Out The Garage

One thing that is going to slow you down when organizing your garage is that you do not empty it out. Shifting things around from one side to the other can make it difficult to get things organized again, and sometimes it helps to look at the garage with a fresh start. Pull everything out so that you can look at the space and really think about how you want to organize things.

Consider Installing An Overhead Storage System

The problem that many people run into with their garage is that they have a limited amount of space once they pull their car in, leaving just a border around the garage to work with. The solution to this is to purchase an overhead storage system that can help you gain back some additional square footage that you didn't have before.

These systems attach to the ceiling and give you space that would hang over the spot where the hood of your car would go if your garage is small. Meanwhile, everything is still fairly accessible since it is low to the ground. It's a wonderful solution to the problem of having a small garage.

Consider Installing A Utility Rail

Do you have a bunch of odd tools in your garage, such as rakes and shovels? Instead of having these items on the floor, organize them by using a utility rail. This rail will go on the wall on one side of the garage and allow you to hook these tools onto them so they are off the floor and out of the way. It also allows you to easily see what tools you have to work with when you need them.

Give Yourself Time

You will be surprised at how long it takes to get the job done. Organizing your garage will likely not take a single day, and can even span across multiple weekends. Plan to give yourself enough time to get the garage organized, especially if you are going to be purchasing and installing storage systems. You may need to temporarily move things back into the garage overnight as you continue to work the next day, or plan to park your garage in the driveway or the street until things wrap up. 

To learn more information about garage organization storage solutions, reach out to a professional near you.