Climate Controlled Storage Helps Protect Collectibles, Electronics And More

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Climate Controlled Storage Helps Protect Collectibles, Electronics And More

24 July 2023
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Climate-controlled storage units are a higher-tier option in self-storage because they provide an opportunity to secure a larger range of items safely. A variety of everyday household items from textiles to upholstered furniture and electronics need access to temperature regulation to avoid malfunctioning, developing odors and deterioration. When searching for a unit with temperature regulation, there are a few important considerations to review to ensure a storage facility is the right fit. 

Is climate control personally regulated? 

Some storage units allow fully customizable climate control on a per-unit basis, but there are other options that rely on a building-wide HVAC system to keep storage items at a comfortable temperature. For more ordinary storage unit usage, any type of climate control is generally satisfactory, but if you are storing collections or highly sensitive items, you may prefer to have a degree of autonomy regarding temperature regulation. Collectibles ranging from books to baseball cards to toys with cardboard packaging can all benefit from lower temperatures when stored long-term to preserve value. Always assess the average temperature a storage provider plans to apply to a building to determine if it meets the needs of your collection. 

Is temperature consistent year-round? 

If climate consistency is key for your stored items, always verify the unit remains at a consistent temperature throughout the year. In some regions, facilities offering less precise control may provide air conditioning but not consider heating a priority beyond providing basic insulation. For some items, colder temperatures may not be a problem, but electronics can suffer at any temperature extreme. A variety of items may also warp or sustain other forms of damage if temperatures consistently fluctuate. 

In areas with a high risk of severe weather, also ask about generator backup for the facility when temperature regulation is crucial. Blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes and more can cause both temporary and long-term power outages capable of damaging highly sensitive items. While activating a generator may not be feasible in a critical emergency, backup power availability ensures that the location is able to continue safe operations when possible. 

Is humidity control included? 

Climate control is adequate for most household storage. However, for securing paper collectibles or uniquely delicate items, such as vintage or antique clothing, humidity regulation is important for maintaining items as long as possible. If humidity control is an option, ask if you or the storage owner regulate levels to ensure the standard humidity range is acceptable.

For more information about climate controlled storage, contact a storage facility in your area.