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Hello, my name is Lori. Welcome to my site. I am here to talk to you about storage for your collectibles. I had to place all of my collectible cards, plates and dolls in storage before my last move. I was planning to move several times in the course of the year, so I worried that the items would be damaged in the ruckus. The storage facility had kept the items in such great shape that I continued to keep them there after getting permanently settled. I hope that you will be able to use the information on my site to successfully store your collectibles.


Storage Units: How They Can Benefit Your Home and Office Organization

21 December 2023
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Having a clutter-free and organized space is essential for maintaining a productive and stress-free environment, whether it's at your home or office. With the help of storage units, you can easily declutter and organize your belongings, creating a more efficient and functional space. In this blog post, we will explore the various ways storage units can benefit your home and office organization. Maximizing Space One of the key benefits of using storage units is the ability to maximize the available space in your home or office. Read More …

Climate Controlled Storage Helps Protect Collectibles, Electronics And More

24 July 2023
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Climate-controlled storage units are a higher-tier option in self-storage because they provide an opportunity to secure a larger range of items safely. A variety of everyday household items from textiles to upholstered furniture and electronics need access to temperature regulation to avoid malfunctioning, developing odors and deterioration. When searching for a unit with temperature regulation, there are a few important considerations to review to ensure a storage facility is the right fit. Read More …

When You Might Want To Rent A Storage Unit

5 April 2023
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Moving can be stressful. Even if you're moving within the same city, renting a storage unit is often easier than trying to cram everything into one house. From downsizing to staging, there are plenty of occasions when renting a storage unit is the best option. Here are some of the most common times when renting a storage unit might be the right choice. Moving in Together You and your significant other have decided to move in together –– congratulations! Read More …