Helpful Tips for Protecting Your Stuff Against Bed Bugs When Renting a Storage Unit

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Helpful Tips for Protecting Your Stuff Against Bed Bugs When Renting a Storage Unit

15 March 2017
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If you know that you will be renting a storage unit soon and are concerned about the possibility of acquiring bedbugs from furniture that is being stored in other units, it is important to know that there are several steps you can take to minimize exposure and reduce the likelihood of infestation. Examples include checking any unit you might rent to verify that it is water and air-proof and checking for imperfections and cracks that could allow bedbugs to enter the unit. Another option is to thoroughly clean mattresses, upholstered chairs, etc. before moving them into the unit, and then encasing all applicable items in a sealed bag. If your belongings are important enough to store, they are important enough to protect, so you should be aware of the facts discussed below when choosing a temporary storage unit.

Thoroughly Examining and Cleaning Each Unit Before Committing to Its Use

Bedbugs are an especially severe problem because they can survive for up to 400 days without any source of nutrition and in some cases have been known to live even longer. In addition, they are adept at getting into places that at first glance may seem impermeable to them. Those unique features mean that you will need to inspect any storage facility that you might consider renting and turn off the lights while it is bright outside. You want the unit that allows the least amount of light into the room.

Once you have selected one, invest some time in cleaning and sealing the room. Sweeping and mopping are obviously necessary. Assuming that the owners of the facility will permit you to do so, the use of a preventative insecticide that will kill bedbugs in corners and throughout as much of the space is a good idea. Those sprays, gels, bombs, etc. should be applied or used, then left in the unit prior to cleaning the unit again.    

Further Protecting Your Items

Sealing your freshly cleaned and vacuumed items into appropriate bags that are resistant to bedbugs is a good idea, even in an immaculate storage unit. No preventative measures are perfect, so when you are ready to remove your belongings, it is best to proceed as if your items have been contaminated by bedbugs. Since bedbugs are a problem throughout so much of the United States, almost anyone could be impacted by their presence.

For example, be sure to use a vacuum with as much suction as possible on the furniture, paying extra attention to corners and seams. Furniture and other upholstered or soft items that cannot be contained within a sealed bag, such as a sectional couch or jumbo recliner will benefit from the assistance of professional exterminators. Those individuals can raise the temperature within the unit to at least 113 degrees Fahrenheit. That's the lowest temperature that will kill bedbugs, although raising it up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit may be a better approach and give superior results.            

In conclusion, a storage unit is an ideal way to store seasonal items or to make moving from one home to another a bit easier. Since bedbugs are a concern throughout much of the United States, the above information will be quite helpful for protecting your belongings from their infestation.