2 Situations Where A Climate Controlled Storage Unit Is Essential

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2 Situations Where A Climate Controlled Storage Unit Is Essential

15 May 2017
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If you are in the process of looking for a storage unit, you are going to want to consider one that is climate controlled. In a climate controlled storage unit, you have complete control of the atmosphere. Even though this unit is likely going to cost a bit more, the benefits are going to be well worth it for most people. While having a climate controlled storage unit is always a positive thing, there are some situations where having a climate controlled storage unit is going to be absolutely essential for you. This article is going to discuss 2 of these different situations in more detail. 

Long Term Storage 

If you plan on storing items in a storage unit for a long period of time, it will be important that this storage unit is climate controlled. When storing items long term, you are going to have them in the storage unit for multiple seasons. This means that the outdoor temperatures will range from very cold to very warm. It your storage unit isn't climate controlled, this change in temperature will have a huge impact on the inside of the storage unit, both in terms of the temperature and the humidity levels.

However, when a storage unit is climate controlled, the seasons may change, but the temperature and humidity levels within the unit can be kept the same. This means that your items are not going to be negatively affected, no matter how long your decide to keep them in storage. 

Climate Sensitive Items 

If you are storing items that are not only affected by the temperature, but are also affected by the amount of humidity in the atmosphere even in the short-term, then it is going to be essential for you to get a climate controlled storage unit. When you decide to go with this type of storage unit, you will be able to set the temperature in the storage unit to a modest temperature, and you can also reduce or even eliminate the amount of humidity in the air.

If you are storing a piano, for example, it is going to be crucial that the piano is stored in a location that is going to be free of moisture so that the wood doesn't warp. Also, things like televisions, computers, and other electronics must be stored in moderate temperatures, or they will melt and/or freeze and ruin. On top of this, if you are storing food in a unit, it will not keep unless it is kept in a cool and dry location.