Three Design Tips To Maximize Your Productivity When Working From Home

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Three Design Tips To Maximize Your Productivity When Working From Home

23 June 2017
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Whether you work from home full time or only on occasion, it is important to create a work space that promotes productivity. Check out a few tips you can use to build a better work space.

1. Set Up a Designated Spot as Your Office

It is important to set aside a room or even a corner of your home as your home office. This ensures that you have a single spot to store all of your work related supplies so that you do not waste valuable time searching for what you need. Avoid flopping down on the couch to work; not only is this rough on your back, but it increases the likelihood that you will be distracted by your kids, pets, or the TV.

At minimum, set up a desk and an office chair with good lumbar support. Make sure that your desk has ample space for work-related equipment.

2. Rethink Your Storage

You should store your work supplies in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Not only does this help you make sure that you always know where your stuff is, but it helps produce a clutter-free work space.

Start with any papers that you need to retain. A filing cabinet is a popular option due to the versatility. You can choose from a variety of sizes; once you have your cabinet picked out, you can fit it with files. Make sure that you label the files and organize them in a manner that makes it easy for you to find what you need.

Next, organize any supplies that you use on a daily basis. A small desk organizer is an excellent way to keep everything in its place, including small items. If you have extra supplies or supplies that you only use occasionally, install a cube storage unit. You can fit the unit with bins to provide a designated spot for each item, or you can use the cubes themselves for storage space.

3. Change Your Work Environment

Though it may be tempting to have the recap from last night's game on while you are trying to work, this does not encourage focus and concentration. Instead, try playing classical music or white noise to help keep your brain on track.

If you will be working while other family members are home, set your desk up so that you are facing a wall. This can help you minimize your procrastination so that you get more done during the day.

Add a couple of items that put you in a good mood, like a photo from your favorite vacation or a small knickknack that brightens your mood.