Store Homemade Holiday Decorations In A Climate-Controlled Unit

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Store Homemade Holiday Decorations In A Climate-Controlled Unit

30 November 2017
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If you plan on selling homemade wooden holiday decorations and wreaths this holiday season and need somewhere dry and secure to store the items prior to transporting them to an upcoming flea market, renting a climate-controlled storage unit may benefit you. The following tips will assist with organizing items in a unit so that you can grab them and go on the day of the flea market and won't need to worry about the items being damaged.

Wrap Wooden Items And Create An Inventory List

Prior to placing wooden decorations in a storage unit, take the time to wrap a cushioned packing material around each decoration. As you complete this task, create an inventory list so that you can keep track of the amount of each type of decoration that you have on hand.

If you plan on making additional decorations prior to bringing your wares to the flea market, you can glance at the list to determine which type of decoration you do not have enough of. Place a couple lightweight tables inside of the storage unit and set the wrapped decorations on top of them. 

Hang Finished Wreaths From Hooks

If you typically assemble grapevine or evergreen wreaths at your home, wait until you have made a bunch of them before transporting the decorations to a storage facility. Drill holes throughout a thick, wooden board and secure a hook through each opening. Transport the wooden board and the wreaths to the storage facility. After arriving, carry the wooden board into the unit and lean it against the unit's back wall.

Hang the wreaths across the board. Periodically stop by to check on the condition of the wreaths. Since the unit is climate-controlled, the wreaths probably won't dry out. You can spritz water across evergreen branches, however, to assist with maintaining the freshness of each branch.

Store Extra Materials In A Bin

If you have a lot of craft materials in your home and don't have enough space to make decorations, place craft supplies that you are not currently using inside of a waterproof bin. Label the outside of the bin with a description of the supplies that are stored inside of it before transporting the bin to the storage unit.

After eliminating the excess materials from your home, you can make new decorations in an orderly fashion. If you need additional supplies that are stored in the unit, simply drive over to the unit and open the bin to retrieve the items you need.