Comparing Three Different Types Of Self-Storage Facilities

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Comparing Three Different Types Of Self-Storage Facilities

12 January 2018
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Self-storage can give you much needed extra space that allows you to free up room in your home, or can act as a temporary holding area as you move into a new home to lessen the load of moving day. Whatever your reason for renting a storage unit, you should be aware that there are several different options available on the market. While they all perform the same function, different types of storage units offer a distinct set of features over one another. Understanding the differences associated with the different types of storage units can help you choose the one that is the best choice for your needs.

Indoor Storage Units

Indoor storage units are lockers or small rooms within a larger facility, and offer a high degree of security. Facilities will offer various features, like a 24/7 guard or security cameras, that are designed to reduce the risk of theft as much as possible. The main downside associated with indoor storage units is the fact that they can require a great deal of time and effort to load and unload, depending on the size of the facility and how many belongings you are moving into storage, making them best suited for longer term storage.

Drive-Up Storage Units

Drive-up storage units are very similar to simple garages that you can literally drive your car up to and unload in, which allows for quicker packing and unpacking and would be the ideal option to pick if you need to quickly access your items on short notice. However, drive-up storage units are also the least secure, since they can be so easily accessed, and will expose your stored belongings to the elements to a greater extent than an indoor unit would.

Climate Controlled Storage Units

Climate controlled storage units are actually quite similar to indoor storage units, but they come with a major difference. As their name would suggest, climate controlled storage units have their temperature and humidity levels monitored and maintained at a moderate level, which means that more sensitive or fragile items like books and antiques will not be damaged while sitting in storage. Some storage facilities even allow you to customize the climate within your storage unit, which is perfect if you have specialty items that need certain conditions to stay in good condition. Of course, due to the energy costs, climate controlled storage units represent an added expense when compared to other types of storage units. 

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