Getting the Most Benefit From a College Student Self-Storage Unit

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Getting the Most Benefit From a College Student Self-Storage Unit

29 October 2021
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College students might look forward to the summer and winter holidays, but they may have concerns about hauling their belongings back home. Some students live far away from where they attend school, and shipping boxes upon boxes of belongings home could be costly. Shipping those same items back when the end of the break brings more costs. A better alternative could involve booking a student self-storage unit. With a little planning, a college student might get much value out of a well-organized self-storage unit. 

1. Choosing the Right Sized Unit

Storage units come in many sizes, and a 5 x 5 unit should be more than enough to house a student's belongings, such as a small refrigerator, television, books, and clothing. Effective packing and pre-planning could further maximize getting the most out of the space. Just throwing things inside might be the fastest way to complete the task, but the lack of organization makes it harder to pull things out when returning for the semester. Also, maximizing space makes it easier to choose a smaller unit, which ends up saving money.

2. Going with the Buddy System

The student who does not have a significant amount of belongings could also team up with friends. As long as the storage facility knows who has access to the unit, there shouldn't be a problem with several people sharing. Putting a combination lock on the door could make things easier since remembering combination comes with fewer hassles than keeping multiple padlock keys.

3. Storage Units Throughout the Year

Short-term rentals allow a student to close out the storage unit and cease paying monthly fees after returning to the dorm. However, some might find it worthwhile to keep the unit the entire year. Anything placed inside the unit frees up space in a dorm room. Dorms tend to be small, and those sharing space with a roommate might find keeping some things in storage makes dorm life more livable.

4. Cleaning Out the Storage Unit

Continually placing more things into the storage unit semester after semester adds to clutter. It may lead to moving from a 5 x 5 to a costlier 5 x 10 unit since consistently adding things to storage takes up additional space. Periodically performing an inventory allows the renter to clean out all items no longer needed. Something worth keeping two years ago might now only take up precious space.