3 Places Where You Can Store Your RV

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3 Places Where You Can Store Your RV

12 May 2022
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When you aren't using your RV, you need to have a way to store it. If you are going to be not using it for a few weeks, storage isn't as important, but if you are done using it for the year or for the winter, having the right storage is important. So, what are some places that you can take advantage of when you are storing your RV?


One place you can store your RV is your driveway. Storing it in your driveway means that you are going to have free storage since it is right on your property. However, because it is going to be exposed to the elements, you need to make sure that you are draining all the fluids as necessary.

There are a few problems with storing your RV in your driveway. If you have a homeowners association (HOA), storing a vehicle in your driveway may be against the rules and you may end up with fines. Storing your RV in your driveway can also limit how many cars you can put in your driveway. 

RV Dealership

Some dealerships offer RV storage that you can take advantage of. You will pay the dealership a fee and your RV will have a place to be stored while you aren't using it. The dealership may only offer this service during the winter though, which means that they are going to have a certain date after which they will accept RVs for storage and a certain date that RVs will need to be gone by. You will want to pay attention to those dates so that you aren't running into problems with the dealership. 

Storage Unit

You can also store your RV in a self-storage unit. If you are going to do that, you will need to check out their rules for storing vehicles. Generally, that means that you have to make sure that the gas and certain other fluids are drained from your RV. The reason to get those fluids drained is that they can be a fire risk and you don't want that to happen, because that will damage your RV and it can damage the facility. 

Having an RV can let you get out and travel across the country. But when you aren't using your RV, you need to make sure that you have some place where you can store it safely when you aren't using it. 

Contact an RV storage service for more information.