Storing Gaming Gear Properly To Protect Condition And Value

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Storing Gaming Gear Properly To Protect Condition And Value

12 September 2022
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Video games are one thing that should be carefully packed away and stored when you want to protect and grow the value of the items. Here, you'll find a few tips to help ensure that the gaming gear that you're storing is in perfect condition when you retrieve it to sell, display or use again.

Rent a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

There are so many components of the gaming consoles that must be protected from high and low temperatures, as well as moisture. Leasing a climate-controlled storage unit will provide you with the perfect conditions in which to store your collection. These units can cost a little more than non-controlled units, but you will not have to worry about the high temperatures and humidity of summer, or the freezing temperatures of winter damaging any of the items stored inside.

Pack Well

When packing the items to be stored, it's imperative that you take the time, invest in the right packing materials, and learn how to protect all of the different items from damage.

To pack consoles, it is best to wrap the console in anti-static bubble wrap. This bubble wrap is typically green in color and protects the item from any static electricity that could cause problems with the intricate components inside.

Video games, whether they are cartridges or disks, will need to be packed properly, as well. Cartridges, like for Atari or Nintendo 64 must be protected from both dust and moisture. Inside those cartridges are small metal pins. These pins are highly prone to corrosion and once corroded, they will not work without having the pins replaced. To protect them, store them in an airtight bag with a silica gel pack. Then, store that bag in an airtight storage container with a few more silica gel packs.

Disk games are more easily stored. As long as they are in the case and the case isn't damaged, the disk will store just fine. The artwork on the case is where the damage can affect the resale value. Moisture can cause the paper under the plastic cover to warp. Collectors don't want warped artwork – they want pristine condition inside and out. So, to protect the art, pack them in an airtight storage bin with silica gel packs.

As long as the storage unit is climate controlled, your collection will remain in great condition for years to come. Who knows what the value of those items will be in 10 years?

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