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Hello, my name is Lori. Welcome to my site. I am here to talk to you about storage for your collectibles. I had to place all of my collectible cards, plates and dolls in storage before my last move. I was planning to move several times in the course of the year, so I worried that the items would be damaged in the ruckus. The storage facility had kept the items in such great shape that I continued to keep them there after getting permanently settled. I hope that you will be able to use the information on my site to successfully store your collectibles.


Mini Self-Storage Can Be Used For Hobbies And Sports-Related Needs

2 March 2022
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People rent self-storage units as places to store their household things when caught between homes, when remodeling, or when dealing with a catastrophe like a flood. They rent units for things like their spare cars or their seasonal vehicles they want to protect during the off-seasons. Small business owners even rent them as places to keep their merchandise, tools, or other equipment safe when a workspace is limited. Another reason for renting storage units is to keep hobby and sports equipment and materials when they don't fit appropriately in the home. Read More …

Getting the Most Benefit From a College Student Self-Storage Unit

29 October 2021
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College students might look forward to the summer and winter holidays, but they may have concerns about hauling their belongings back home. Some students live far away from where they attend school, and shipping boxes upon boxes of belongings home could be costly. Shipping those same items back when the end of the break brings more costs. A better alternative could involve booking a student self-storage unit. With a little planning, a college student might get much value out of a well-organized self-storage unit. Read More …

Does Your Garage Need To Be Organized? Follow These 4 Tips

14 June 2021
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Do you have a garage that is getting a bit out of control when it comes to a lack of organization? You'll need to come up with a plan for organizing your garage so that you can make the most out of the space. Here are some tips for getting it done. Empty Out The Garage One thing that is going to slow you down when organizing your garage is that you do not empty it out. Read More …

Pallet Racking Systems Are Great for Warehouses

5 April 2021
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There should be systems and procedures used throughout your warehouse that provide a safe working environment and that promote efficiency throughout the warehouse. One of the things that you want to do is to make proper use of pallet racking systems in all appropriate areas. A pallet racking system can help your business in many ways, some you may already know about and others may be a surprise to hear. Read More …

Living In A Condo? Rent A Storage Unit To Continue Living There Happily

15 December 2020
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If you live in a condo that you own or are renting from an owner, you may find that it satisfies your wants and needs enough that you want to stay there for the foreseeable future. But, it may come with one major limitation that you are not able to solve on your own: a lack of storage. Even owning the condo has its limits in what you can do to handle the storage situation because you must work with the available space. Read More …